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About LS Tractors

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While the LS Tractor name may be new to you, we’ve been building tractors for over 35 years. Our company began as part of the well-respected LG Group, a brand with a worldwide reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. At LS Tractor, we understand your passion for the land and your desire to excel. It’s an awareness born of our own passion and unwavering dedication to provide high quality, high value equipment, as well as a commitment to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

LS Tractor offers a wide range of compact tractors in various horsepower and chassis sizes that provides land owners, small farmers (typically with 30 acres or less) and commercial users the ability to select a model perfectly suited for their needs.

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LS Tractor - Compact tractors

Compact Tractors that Deliver Outstanding Performance and Value

LS Tractor
  • XJ-Series Small Chassis Compact Tractors—Small chassis compacts that combine superior performance and maneuverability in tight spaces, plus the added benefit of lower emissions, noise and vibration.

  • XG-Series Value Compact Tractors—Light to medium duty compacts that deliver exceptional value and performance, with the added benefit of lower emissions, noise and vibration.

  • MT3E-Series Value Compact Tractors—Eco friendly Tier4 45HP and 50HP engines. F/R Synchronized shuttle or 3 ranges HST with Cruise control
  • XR-Series Premium Compact Tractors—Fully featured medium to heavy duty compacts designed for maximum functionality, ease of use and comfort plus the added benefit of lower emissions, noise and vibration.

LS Tractos - Utility tractors

Utility Tractors for Large Acreage and Commercial Work

LS Tractor - Utility tractor
  • XU-Series Tier 4 Utility Tractors – More power, more torque, less fuel consumption, less noise and less vibration – this is what the Tier 4 powered XU-Series delivers. These fully featured eco-friendly models use less fuel while still boasting the power of 55HP and 65HP engines.

  • MT-5 Series Heavy-Duty Utility Tractors  Take comfort in getting the job done right with our MT-5 Series tractors. 73HP eco-friendly 4WD utility tractors, fully featured for any large job.
  • XP-Series  –  84HP and 101HP heavy duty 4WD utility tractors designed to take on tasks of medium-sized farms, hay operations and livestock ranches.

  • UTILITY ATTACHMENTS – These attachments are specifically designed for our tractors to deliver outstanding performance and value. Featuring backhoes, front end loaders, finishing mowers, snowblowers and rotary brooms.

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